MDSM w/VSX - Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension

MDSM w/VSX - Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension

Length : 4 days

Master the skills to deploy and manage virtualized security in high-performance environments. 5-day course covers everything you need to design, install, configure and manage MDSM with VSX.


This course is designed for customers and partners who want to
virtualize components of their security management including:
• System Administrators
• Security Engineers
• Network Engineers


• Advanced networking knowledge
• Windows Server and/or UNIX skills
• Internet and TCP/IP experience
• CCSE and CCMSE or equivalent experience


• Introduction to MDSM with VSX
• MDSM Deployment
• MDSM Installation and Configuration
• MDSM Logging Features
• Advanced Features
• VSX Deployment
• VSX Gateway Installation and Configuration
• VSX Advanced Features


• Identify the features and functions of MDSM with VSX
• Describe the MDSM with VSX architecture
• Choose the correct MDSM implementation to cover your company’s domains
• Classify the various pieces of the MDSM architecture
• Use the correct tools to troubleshoot and solve any issues
• Install MDSM
• Configure the MDSM environment
• Create an MDS Manager
• Install and configure the Smart Domain Manager
• Implement any necessary Management plug-ins
• Configure and implement a Multi-Domain Log Server for the MDSM environment
• Configure and implement a domain Log Server for a given domain
• Configure and implement a Global Policy
• Configure and implement VPNs globally and per domain
• Create a secondary MDS Manager and enable MDS High Availability
• Create and configure secondary DMS
• Configure DMS High Availability based on a domain’s requirements
• Identify the VSX components
• Describe the relationship between the VSX components
• Describe the function of VSX Context Identification
• Describe the Traffic Inspection Process
• Describe the purpose of the Virtual System within the VSX environment
• List various common deployment scenarios
• Demonstrate how to transition physical firewalls to a VSX environment
• Demonstrate hot to deploy virtual infrastructure with VLAN tagging
• Describe the difference between standard Physical Security Gateway Clusters and VSX Gateway Clusters
• Identify the different synchronization modes
• Describe common troubleshooting practices

• Deploying Multi-Domain Security Management
• Converting a Security Management Server to a Domain Management Server
• Importing an Existing SMS Configuration into a New DMS
• Assigning Administrator Privileges
• Configuring a Multi-Domain Log Server
• Deploying a Global Policy
• Implementing MDS High Availability
• Licensing Multi-Domain Management
• Transitioning Physical Security Gateways into a Virtual Environment
• Deploying Virtual Systems and virtual Network Devices
• Implementing Virtual System Load Sharing

This course helps prepare for the MDSM with VSX exam #156-820.77 available at VUE test centers.

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