20761 - Querying Data with Transact-SQL (2016)

20761 - Querying Data with Transact-SQL (2016)

Length : 5 days

Learn how to write basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL Server 2016. This course will provide a good understanding of the Transact-SQL language which is used by all SQL Server-related disciplines—namely, database administration, database development and
business intelligence.

You will learn about: T-SQL elements, writing SQL queries, querying JOINs, sorting and filtering data, SQL Server 2016 data types, T-SQL DML, built-in functions, grouping and aggregating data, subqueries, and set operators.

What You'll Learn

• Basic architecture and concepts of Microsoft SQL Server 2016
• Similarities and differences between Transact-SQL and other computer languages
• Write SELECT queries
• Query multiple tables
• Sort and filter data
• Using data types in SQL Server
• Modify data using Transact-SQL
• Use built-in functions
• Group and aggregate data
• Use subquerie
• Use table expressions
• Use set operators
• Use window ranking, offset and aggregate functions
• Implement pivoting and grouping sets
• Execute stored procedures
• Program with T-SQL
• Implement error handling
• Implement transactions

Who Needs to Attend

Database administrators, database developers and business intelligence professionals, as well as SQL power users who aren’t necessarily database-focused, such as report writers, business analysts and client application developers.


• Working knowledge of relational databases.
• Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality.


1. Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2016
• The Basic Architecture of SQL Server
• SQL Server Editions and Versions
• Getting Started with SQL Server Management Studio
2. Introduction to T-SQL Querying
• Introducing T-SQL
• Sets
• Predicate Logic
• Logical Order of Operations in SELECT statements
3. Writing SELECT Queries
• Writing Simple SELECT Statements
• Eliminating Duplicates with DISTINCT
• Using Column and Table Aliases
• Writing Simple CASE Expressions
4. Querying Multiple Tables
• Joins
• Querying with Inner Joins
• Querying with Outer Joins
• Querying with Cross Joins and Self Joins
5. Sorting and Filtering Data
• Sorting Data
• Filtering Data with Predicates
• Filtering with the TOP and OFFSET-FETCH Options
• Working with Unknown Values
6. Working with SQL Server 2016 Data Types
• Introducing SQL Server 2016 Data Types
• Working with Character Data
• Working with Date and Time Data
7. Using DML to Modify Data
• Inserting Data
• Modifying and Deleting Data
8. Using Built-In Functions
• Writing Queries with Built-In Functions
• Using Conversion Functions
• Using Logical Functions
• Using Functions to Work with NULL
9. Grouping and Aggregating Data
• Using Aggregate Functions
• Using the GROUP BY Clause
• Filtering Groups with HAVING
10. Using Subqueries
• Writing Self-Contained Subqueries
• Writing Correlated Subqueries
• Using the EXISTS Predicate with Subqueries
11. Using Set Operators
• Writing Queries with the UNION Operator
• Using APPLY


Lab 1: Working with SQL Server 2016 Tools
Lab 2: Introduction to Transact-SQL Querying
Lab 3: Writing Basic SELECT Statements
Lab 4: Querying Multiple Tables
Lab 5: Sorting and Filtering Data
Lab 6: Working with SQL Server 2016 Data Types
Lab 7: Using DML to Modify Data
Lab 8: Using Built-In Functions
Lab 9: Grouping and Aggregating Data
Lab 10: Using Subqueries
Lab 11: Using SET Operators

Class Dates:


Apr 22, 2019 - Apr 26, 2019

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Apr 29, 2019 - May 3, 2019

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