HPE Engineer attending the Aruba Mobility Bootcamp

Ricardo Cobos was the "Best instructor I've had in 7+ years of taking IT related classes."

- HPE Engineer
  • HPE Engineer



Ricardo was outstanding. The instructor makes or breaks courses like this, especially delivered remotely, and Ricardo made the content easy to digest and was responsive and engaging.

- J. Paul
  • J. Paul


Ricardo was excellent!

Ricardo was up to Computer Data's usual standard of excellence and he made the course a pleasure to attend. His knowledge of the products was excellent.

- Aruba MBC student
  • Aruba MBC student


Great Aruba Mobility Boot Camp (MBC)!

Ricardo is a very good instructor. He did a great job delivering the Aruba Mobility Boot Camp (MBC). Ricardo is a very informative trainer with a lot of practical experience. He was quick with his responses and has a lot of technical knowledge.

- Aruba Boot Camp attendee
  • Aruba Boot Camp attendee


Excellent course covering the HP SDN material

Thank you for an excellent course covering the HP SDN material we completed this week. I just wanted to say this has been about the best on-line course I have done in and over so many years. Keeping students informed of the Student and Lab Guide page numbers as we progressed through the material is something I have rarely seen used/done frequently, since I was last in a physical class room and is something I find very useful and important to make it easier to follow material flows (without having to ask). Your instructional delivery techniques using a spiral introduction, material coverage and review is something I have not seen for a long time and was appreciated, well received and very well done. Again, many thanks for an excellent course and delivery of same. Please feel free to pass my very satisfied gratitude and comments to your Manager (which I would do if I had their E-mail address)

- Harry
  • Harry


Creating HP Software-Defined Networking course in EMEA

Hola Ricardo! For what it’s worth, I will tell you what I thought about this course (Creating Software-defined Networks): You were excellent: Very good presentations skills, (diagrams and comments written on share desktop were very good) and you speak a clear English with no interfering accent. Bueno! Dios te Bendiga, hermano mio

- Samuel
  • Samuel


Brillant Class

I thought the format of little lecture and more focus on lab was brilliant. Experience is what we are after. The instructor was well versed, knew his material, did a great job with visuals, and was not only academic, but had real world experience. Bravo. So many instructors have no real world experience so that was certainly a plus.

- Flexnetwork attendee
  • Flexnetwork attendee


If I were paying for this course, I would feel my money was well spent.

Neal Vadekar did an excellent job of delivering this course. It is the best IMC class I have attended. He paced the class perfectly and we were able to complete it all. This is not something that happens very often with HPN related courses. His explanations were clear and he would not move on until we all understood the topic he was teaching. His experience and real world experience was very evident and appreciated. Kudos to Neal on an excellent training experience. I learned very much detail and this is my primary focus in support. Excellent instructor. An expert in Security, PKI, and HP product implementation. Great job Neal. :)

- IMC Student
  • IMC Student


Excellent teaching methods

Instructor Garzon, The instructor not only demonstrated excellent teaching methods (not relying on slide sets and using whiteboards in many instances), he also showed mastery of the subject and indicated strong experience on the networking field. This kind of teaching style is what makes students get maximum absorption of the lesson and better equips them for their job.

- FlexNetwork Fundamentals student
  • FlexNetwork Fundamentals student


Tyler was an excellent instructor

Tyler was an excellent instructor and very knowledgeable and this provides such a big benefit because of his ability to explain complex concepts.. IMC/UAM/BYOD is not an easy subject, but he did a great job!

- John
  • John


Awesome instructor - Peter DeBruyne

Awesome Instructor - One of the Best in HP I have come across. On a scale of 1 to 5, if there would be a 6, I would choose that :)

- Steve
  • Steve


Amazing Creating HP Software-defined Networks class by David Bombal

Please HP, you should buy David a Ferrari, (A RED ONE) because he knows the material very well and he answered every question a student asked. I have seen a lot of trainers, but David is the best.

- Milan
  • Milan


Unbelievable training!

Ricardo's knowledge of networking in general and ProVision/Comware in particular is without competition. He is much better at interoperability and "on the fly" troubleshooting than any other network instructor I have ever had. We need to continue using Ricardo for our networking training.

- HP employee
  • HP employee


MSM Wireless Network training

John demonstrates great knowledge about these technologies and handles time fine, very receptive for questions and troubleshooting during the labs.

- Jeff
  • Jeff


Peter was excellent!

Very professional and I could feel his knowledge and expertise not only in theories, but also as a field engineer. Helpful, patient and really good with the materials and all the objectives, I hope to have him again in other courses, a big thank you and appreciation from me to him.

- HP employee
  • HP employee


Great understanding of networks

Thank you to Manuel for his passionate supporting. Thanks to his lectures, I could easily organize a large part of the basic network knowledge.

- FlexNetwork Fundamentals student
  • FlexNetwork Fundamentals student


Very skilled, friendly and can explain things in easy to understand way.

Great instructor Manuel Garzon, very skilled, friendly and can explain things in easy to understand way. Lots of useful examples provided improved learning.

- Jeffrey
  • Jeffrey


Instructor (Jeff Poole) was the best part of the class

Very good one, gave us very good knowledge, instructor (Jeff Poole) was the best part of it!

- James
  • James


The trainer Steve Sowell is the best.

The trainer Steve is the best. He has a deep knowledge about wireless technologies, covering topics that are part of the CWNA, CWSP certifications. The top wireless cert in the world. He explained very well, in a easy way, simple, that everybody can understand. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS TRAINER FOR FUTURE COURSES. HE IS A VERY PREPARED NETWORK ENGINEER.

- Implementing & Troubleshooting HP Wireless Network
  • Implementing & Troubleshooting HP Wireless Network


If I would choose any instructor for any other course, I would choose David Bombal.

The instructor was very professional and was always available for all kind of technical questions. Although the course objectives were very technical and hard to understand, the lectures were done on such way that everyone could understand and could learn the new matherial. I also very appreciate the personal involvement of the instructor. I am also very satisfied from the interactive teaching methods. If I would choose any instructor for any other course, I would choose David Bombal. Great thanks once again.

- HP Networking Interoperability
  • HP Networking Interoperability


Steve Syerson is a Great Instructor

Steve is a great instructor one of the best so far in the 5 or 6 courses I've taken with HP. His teaching style, method and knowledge are fantastic!

- HP Engineer
  • HP Engineer


Special kudos to Ricardo for his lecture and explanations

First of all, special kudos to Ricardo Cobos for his lecture and explanations he is the best instructor I interacted with over the last 5 years.

- HP Employee in Europe
  • HP Employee in Europe


Online Delivery of this course was excellent!

In regards to your question, "If this course was delivered online, please comment on whether it was as effective as being in a classroom setting"...Because we work remotely the class was excellent. We're use to working out of our house.

- Engineer in Plano
  • Engineer in Plano


Our Instructor Peter Debruyne was Excellent

The course was well presented and delivered. Well done to the course instructer.

- Eimhin
  • Eimhin


Thanks to David Bombal I now understand BGP and MPLS

David Bombal, you did a great job in explaining I never really understood BGP and MPLS until now. Course was very well taught.

- Jose
  • Jose


The instructor provided examples that cannot be found in the manuals

The instructor (Jean-Maurice Merel) provided examples that cannot be found in the manuals. This has helped me to understand the study material better. He provided the commands in summarized documents. This step is a real push to my Support of the new switches.

- Troubleshooting HP Networks Student
  • Troubleshooting HP Networks Student


Neal Vadekar you Rock!

Neal our instructor rocks! He's enthusiasm in teaching the class influenced his students to pay attention always and learn as much as we can!

- Singapore
  • Singapore


Ralph Smith was excellent at tailoring the class for us!

Ralph was excellent at tailoring the class to us and discussing the issues we work on.

- Scott
  • Scott


I learned alot more than I expected

I thought this was a well rounded course. I thought Desiree Lindfield was a delight to be taught by. All in all, I learned a lot more than I had expected and I look forward to putting that knowledge into practice.

- Network Engineer at HP
  • Network Engineer at HP


Steve Syerson was excellent!

Steve did an outstanding job presenting the material in a clear, easily digestible format. He is extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter, and he keeps the class engaged, soliciting feedback and addressing any points of confusion on the part of the student. I highly recommend anyone given the chance to attend any of Steve's courses.

- Accelerated HP Core training student
  • Accelerated HP Core training student


Jihene's troubleshooting skills are second to none

The trainer Jihene Chaubet was excellent and her troubleshooting skills are second to none.

- Michael
  • Michael


I would definitely recommend Jean-Maurice Merel!

I am very happy I attended this training. Thank you for your dedication, engagement and the interesting and simplified way you shared your knowledge with us. I would definitely recommend you for teaching other trainers on how to organize and lead such a positive and effective remote training class.

- Nellie
  • Nellie


Ryan Lindfield makes you THINK about the concepts

The instructor Ryan Lindfield was really good, he really made the course interesting, and made the students think about the concepts, and he even provided additional explanations that were out of the scope of the training (really appreciate it).

- Network Engineer
  • Network Engineer
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